Bringing Japan’s Tuna Expertise to the World –
TUNA SCOPE Seeks Trial Partners

ISSUED : 2023.12.06

Created in 2019, TUNA SCOPE is an AI-based system for judging tuna quality, currently being introduced in Japan, China, and other markets. By mastering the inspection skills of Japanese artisans, the AI is able to reliably assess the quality of tuna anywhere in the world. From October 11, 2022, TUNA SCOPE is seeking trial partners from among the world’s fishery operators.

At present, TUNA SCOPE has received expressions of interest from fishery operators in more than 50 cities around the world. Our aim is to establish new tuna quality standards based on precise AI-driven judgment, allowing anyone to easily determine the quality of a particular fish. These efforts will help to promote a fairer tuna trade and make the global fishing industry more sustainable.

In pursuit of this vision, we are launching worldwide trials in the hope that various fishery operators will use TUNA SCOPE and provide insights to further the system’s development.

Project Details

This trial is open mainly to the operators of fisheries businesses that handle yellowfin tuna and bigeye tuna.

*For other tuna varieties, please contact us to discuss feasibility.

After receiving an inquiry, we will discuss your company’s quality judgment methods and arrangements, along with any related issues you may be facing. Operators who meet the requirements will be provided with the TUNA SCOPE app*, which your company can use to make quality assessments.

This trial provides opportunities for fishery operators who face problems in judging tuna quality to use TUNA SCOPE. At the same time, we want to use the tuna data accumulated through the trial to expand TUNA SCOPE’s compatibility to other fish species and environments so that it can be used more widely throughout the fishing industry.

*The app will be distributed via the Test Flight app. Smartphone devices are to be provided by the applicant.

Terms of Application

・Possess the following TUNA SCOPE-compatible devices/operating systems:

iPhone 11, 11pro, 11pro max, or higher

・Agree to assist us by e-mailing the data from tail cross section photos taken with the TUNA SCOPE app throughout the trial period

*TUNA SCOPE seeks to tackle problems in the global fisheries industry by improving AI accuracy and app quality. We may ask for your cooperation in providing feedback to assist the app’s development.

Application Flow

Please contact the TUNA SCOPE offices (tuna-scope@dentsu.co.jp) with the following information.

  • ① Company name, website URL, business overview

  • ② Reason for application

  • ③ Main business activity locations (country/region)

  • ④ Tuna varieties handled, condition at time of inspection (frozen/raw)

  • ⑤ Current arrangements and methods for judging quality
    –Assessed from tail cross section?
    –Sites where quality is judged (e.g., factory, market), etc.

Trial period:
To be notified individually after receiving the inquiry and confirming the requirements.

For any other questions regarding this project, please contact: